Thursday, 12 April 2007

No 1063 - Golden Age Special

12 stories published:

  1. The Childhood of The Phantom
  2. The Ismani Cannibals
  3. The Crooner
  4. The Golden Princess
  5. Lago the Lake God
  6. The Strange Fisherman
  7. The Wild Girl
  8. Queen Pera the Perfect
  9. The Dragon God
  10. The Governor's Family
  11. The Professor
  12. The Crybaby
The only Frew Phantom to feature a metallic cover! This edition is a highly desirable one, due to its collectibility, and sold out rapidly in December 1993.

No 1062 - The Beast & The Beauties

No 1061 - Falk-Barry 1993 Christmas Special!

Stories published:

  1. The Golden Sands of Keela Wee
  2. The Lions of Kukhan
  3. The Delta Pirates
  4. The Star of Bangalla
  5. Nukes

All Sy Barry. & Lee Falk stories. Lee wrote them, Sy illustrated them. Sy is considered one of the best Phantom artist of all time, and was one of the longest serving artists, over 33 years.

No 1060 - The Grey Gang

No 1059 - Aron!