Friday, 25 May 2007

No 1226 - Lee Falk Tribute Edition

Lee passed away March 13, 1999, aged 87 years old. He was active up until his death, scripting new Phantoms until the end. His career spanned decades, from 1934 until 1999, surpassed by no other comic artist ever.

Mandrake the Magician arrived on 11 June, 1934.

The Phantom first appeared on 12 February 1936.

They are two of the most widely syndicated strips in the world. Lee created both, iconic characters and comic strips, a visionary in story telling, preceding Batman, Superman, Spider-man and many other well known superheroes.

A great loss to the comics world. And to the arts, as Lee was also a director, playwright, actor, producer, song writer and theatre owner.

No 1225 - Lord of the Jungle

No 1224 - The Harbourmaster's Secret

No 1221 - The Temple of Seven Dolls

No 1214 - The Star of Sekhmet

No 1213 - The Mastermind

Thursday, 24 May 2007

No 1211 - The Ring of Death

No 1210 - The Ku Klux Klan

No 1209 - 50th Anniversary Issue

Stories published:

  1. Death in Central Park
  2. The Movie Stars
  3. The Phantom's Ring
  4. The Rope People
  5. Phantom Treasure
  6. Tale of Joomba
Issued with the Frew Index detailing ever Frew Phantom comic printed, in chronological order.

No 1208 - Return of the Zombies

No 1206 - Blind Justice

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

No 7 - The Phantom versus the Gun Runners

yet another replica

No 6 - The Phantom's Revenge

another replica edition

Phantom replica - In the Tiger's Lair

I believe this is actually the second Phantom published - I have a book detailing the Frew publishing history somewhere, and will correct this post if I am wrong. Another replica, Frew publishes these once a year to be packaged with their magnificent Annual Specials.

Phantom replica - Adventure in Algiers

Another early Frew replica, I am unsure what edition number this is, but it's of the first dozen ever publised by Frew.

No 5 - The Phantom's Stolen Treasure

Another replica edition

No 4 - The Phantom versus the Jewel Pirates

A replica edition

No 3 - Smashing the Ring

A reproduction of the third ever Phantom comic ever published by Frew.

No 1 - Enter the Phantom

Back cover

Front cover

A replica edition that was distributed with one of the Annual Specials, this is a copy of the very first Phantom comic, originally published in 1936, drawn and written by Lee Falk.