Tuesday, 31 July 2007

No 1234 - Collector Classic Special

Stories published:

  • The Crescent Cult
  • The Frameup
  • The Thugees

No 1181 - Revenge of the Navajo

Also including "The Silks of Emira" and "The Lady from Nowhere"

No 1147 - The Sky Band

First complete printing of this classic tale from 1936.

No 1127 - Gullique - The Island of Doom

Also includes "The Missing Link"

Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Wisdom of the Phantom

Another public service announcement, to educate people in the Top End about their legal rights under the law and the Family Law Court.

Vote 1 Phantom

A 1990 publication, as a public service in the Top End. It's a mini comic book to explain how to stand for office, like the Phantom does!

The Phantom Enrols & Votes

Published in 1988 and distributed in the Northern Territory and islands off the coast of the top end of Australia, the Phantom explains how to vote in Australian elections.

The Phantom - the Official Movie Magazine

No 760 - Rex the Missing Heir