Saturday, 19 May 2007

Wolf Publishing - The Phantom, No 4

The story published is called "Tights, camera, action!"

Wolf Publishing - The Phantom, No 3

This tale is called "Redbeard the Traitor", which is the tale of the 6th Phantom, and how he founded the Jungle Patrol.

Wolf Publishing - The Phantom, No 2

Published in 1992, I found this locally. I managed to get my hands on issues 2, 3 and 4, but have no idea how many more were published. Unlike the Marvel comic, this comic book is the real Phantom. No 2 is the story "The Boy from the Sea", which I have the Frew edition of, as well.

The English Phantom is printed in full colour!

No 958A - 100 Pages, Three New Stories

Stories published:

  1. The Ghost Pilot
  2. The Marionettes
  3. The Secret of Wamballa Valley - the only time I know of that the Phantom draws a gun on President Luaga, a fascinating tale.
another recent Ebay discovery

Friday, 18 May 2007

Marvel Comics - The Phantom, one of three

This is an experiment Marvel tried in 1995; they commissioned a three part comic featuring someone called 'The Phantom', but he's not "our" Phantom. This one has a computer on his wrist (in those silver gauntlets), which switches on infra red in his mask - hence the redness on the cover - and allows him to open a safe. He's also quite psychotic and homicidal.

It didn't work and Marvel didn't try to replicate this again. The story is pretty blood thirsty and gory, I have it in my collection as a curiosity, I don't recommend reading it if you're seeking a Phantom tale.

The Phantom 2040 tv series was about to come to tv at the time of publication, which featured a futuristic teenage 24th Phantom. A comic book was to be published, featuring this Phantom, but I've never located a copy of it. The tv series is pretty corny, with very stilted animation, and cheesy dialogues. Check out this website for more info on the series, including images. It's dated, so I doubt the contest it mentions is still running.

Written by David De Fries
Art by Glenn Lumsden - the artist on the G6 card from Dynamic, below.

Budget Books - The Best of the Phantom, Number One

Front cover

Back cover

Originally printed in 1985 by Budget Books, Melbourne, this is a 1987 edition. There were four books in total, each with its own Phantom comic. The comics are black & white, not colour as the cover implies.

The story printed is from 1980, by Lee Falk & Sy Barry.

Phantom trading cards - Dynamic Marketing

Two of the G series cards, from one of the sets released in the 1990's. I have three sets from different years. These are two of the metallic special releases, unfortunately the scanner does not pick up all the shine and glow of these cards.

I'll be scanning these sets as well as my comics, for your perusal. They feature Phantom artists from all over the world, plus comic covers and other marvellous highlights, and are a fantastic addition to my collection.

No 985 - The Boy from the Sea

another recent Ebay find!

No 1197 - Lily Palmer's Secret

Plus two Lee Falk stories:

  • Waterman
  • Joomkar's Crown

Joomkar was the ruler who had the side of the mountain carved into the likeness of the Phantom (Phantom Peak) .

No 1196 - The Royal Palace Fire

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

No 1191 - The Island of Death

No 1190 - The Gold Robbers

No 1189 - The Devil's Anvil

The origin of the most famous Old Jungle Saying - When the Phantom Moves, Lightning Stands Still.

Old Jungle Sayings - they pop up in most Phantom comics. I'll add them as I come across them.

Monday, 14 May 2007

No 1187 - 1998 Annual Special

A 12 story monster! Stories published:

  1. King Fatso
  2. The Shaman
  3. Racon's Game
  4. The Slimming of Prince Tagon
  5. The Reporter
  6. The Gurk Twins
  7. The Frame-Up
  8. The Missing Daddy
  9. Luaga's Undercover Tour
  10. S.S. Blitz
  11. Visit to Baronkhan
  12. The Necklace of Solomon
Plus bonus replica of Frew Number 7 - The Phantom versus the Gun Runners

Sunday, 13 May 2007

No 1186 - The Mystery of Crocco Island

One of the most stunning covers Frew has ever produced.

No 1185 - 1997 Christmas Special!

Containing three stories:

  1. Bastis The Cat Goddess
  2. The Matchmaker
  3. Mystery of Kula-Ku

No 1184 - The Governer & Suzie

Enormously collectible as this was the third time that the Phantom revealed his face to an outsider by removing his mask, voluntarily this time. The first time was for Diana Palmer (later to become his wife, in 'The Diamond Hunters' from 1937), the second time he was unconscious when a Desert Hermit (in 'The Slave Traders' from 1939) removed it out of curiosity.

No 1183 - The Golden Fleece, Part 4 - Climax!

No 1182 - The Golden Fleece, Part 3 - Medea's Revenge

No 1179 - The Golden Fleece, Part 1 - Argo