Thursday, 31 May 2007

Phantom merchandise - Phantom Mark pin from the 50's

Located on Ebay, and identified thanks to my Johnson's Guide, this is a 1950's pin, appears to be made from brass or copper. Originally had glow in the dark eyes. There was also one available that had red glowing eyes. Johnson's lists these pins as valued between $150-400. I got this one for $42.

Johnson's Official Phantom Price Guide - 2006

The latest edition of this invaluable resource for pricing your collection, or for working out what items are, in comic shops and on Ebay. Johnson's guide lists just about all Phantom memorabilia released, dating back to the 30's. Also has tips on grading comic book quality for buying and selling, and comes with a CD rom packed full of images of Phantom merchandise. You can get a copy from!

Index - the first 50 years of The Phantom - Frew Publications

A fantastic reference, especially for comics from the 700 series and earlier as the titles were often not on the cover or inside, in order to identify them for my online catalogue! This came out as a special included with a Frew comic, to celebrate 50 years of Frew publishing The Phantom.

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 18 of 110

The cards have different graphics on the back. One series has an enormous Phantom related image on the back, made up of all the cards, like a jigsaw puzzle. This set has varying back images. The fronts vary too, some match up to others like a jigsaw and need to see viewed all together in a large layout, which is why I've left out a few numbers already. They look a tad off on their own.

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 17 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 16 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 15 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 14 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 13 of 110

This section of the set has a boring purple background, not worth scanning

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Flashy Flickers Magic Picture Gun - The Phantom - from 1966

Something found on Ebay, a movie projecter kind of gun, made in 1966.

What an odd item! Pity the seller didn't have the Phantom reel, it would have been fascinating to take a look at.

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 6 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 5 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 4 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 3 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 2 of 110

Dynamic Marketing 1994 Trading Cards - 1 of 110

Adventure BB Book No 3 - The Legend of the Phantom

Back cover

Front cover

Another in the four books printed here in Melbourne. I think this tale is mainly one about Rex, and patched on bits of other Phantom tales. No idea of title. The comic opens in the middle of a story then goes to a Rex story.

Charlton Comics - The Phantom, Feb 1970

A golden oldie, this is actually two Phantom stories in the one publication. The Phantom is based on Lee Falk's Phantom, but is not the same guy - this one is a tad callous and treats the natives of the jungle as though they're a bit stupid. Colour production.

Monday, 28 May 2007

Star Comics - Marvel - Defenders of the Earth - Vol 1, No 1

This is an oddity. Printed in 1987 in the States, written by Stan Lee (of Spider-man fame), this was an attempt by Marvel to re-introduce the Phantom to America, along with Mandrake and Flash.

Weirdly, the Phantom has 'super powers', like an ability to jump ten storeys high when he says he has "the strength of ten tigers", and can smell another human miles away.....he's asked to join up with Mandrake & Lothar to help find Flash's wife and son, who are held captive by Ming, Flash's mortal enemy. The four men become the Defenders of the Earth when Ming threatens to destroy our home planet. The Phantom is on board because he can track anyone in the jungle....and he also has a daughter called Jedda, filled with angst, who has a pet panther called Kisa. Diana is never mentioned, nor Kit or Heloise! What the?

Yes, I know, it doesn't sound good or make sense, and the story doesn't work. This was a short lived series, thankfully.

No 1219 - 1999 Annual Special

12 stories published:

  1. The Female Phantom
  2. The Super Apes
  3. The Belt
  4. The Wrestling Tourney
  5. Alexander's Diamond Cup
  6. A Lesson for Prince Orq
  7. The Little Ones
  8. The Missing Link
  9. The Swamp Dragon
  10. The Uninvited Visitors
  11. Tale of Rex
  12. The Kings Cross Connection

All bar the final tale were written by Lee Falk. The last was lettered and drawn by the Australian Phantom artist, Keith Chatto. The cover features a 3D style Sydney!