Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Phantom Showbag

One Phantom showbag I've bought when going to the Show. The Royal Melbourne Show is held annually in October, at the Flemington Showgrounds. Most showbags on sale (such as superhero ones, toys, food, cartoon characters, tv shows etc) usually have a Phantom comic tucked in them, however this is a specific Phantom comic showbag. All it held was Phantom Frew comics. You have no choice of editions, but it's always handy to have spares (and occasionally you may find one you missed at the newsagents) and it's the Phantom. There's so few Phantom items around, anything is better than nothing!

Same graphics on either side.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Duplicated Phantoms available for swapping!

Thanks to buying showbags of The Phantom from the Royal Show here in Melbourne, I've got lots of spare Frew Phantom comics! If you have some non Frew editions, or have some Frews you wish to swap, please let me know via the COMMENTS section, I'm sure we can arrange a swap! Most are in excellent, unread condition.

The Vampires of Koqania
The Super Jet Pirates
The Grave Vandals
The Drug Sharks (two copies of this one)
3 stories - The Witch Hunt, The Power of Evil, Don Newton Special
The Golden Fleece part 4
The Governor and Suzie
The Curse of Rakshasa
The Horn of Roland
The Lethal Trap
Floating Coffin
The Ambassador
2004 Christmas Special - Avenger from the Sea, The Viking Fortress, The Locust God
The Doomsday Ship
Gullique and the Double Rainbow
The Grim Reaper
The Plague
Circe's Island
3 stories - The Mystery of the Island of Dogs, The Python of Bangalla, The Challenge

No 1166 - The Drummer of Timpenni

No 1165 - The Experiment

No 1164 - Mission to Antartica

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

No 1157 - Curse of the Singh Brotherhood

Phantom Merchandise - Monkeys of Melbourne glass

One of the glasses Monkeys of Melbourne made. They also had another design, using an image of The Phantom from the 40's, which I also used to own until it was accidentally broken.

This shows both sides of the glass. Monkeys made a large range of cartoon and comic book character glasses, which are now in high demand with glass collectors. The glasses are about 15cm high and very solid, a lovely glass to use and hold.

No 1156 - 1997 Annual Special

10 stories published:

  1. The Devil Road
  2. The Lady Luck
  3. The Toad Men
  4. The Betrothal
  5. The Swamp Rats
  6. The Werewolf
  7. Alexander's Diamond Cu[
  8. Queen Karola of Kula-ku
  9. The Jungle Olympics
  10. The Return of the Singh Brotherhood - by Keith Chatto, Australian Phantom artist

No 1155 - The Devil's Library (part three) The Hellhound

No 1154 - 1996 Christmas Special

Three stories published:

  1. The Phantom's Engagement (first complete printing)
  2. The Lookout
  3. Drama on Eden

No 1153 - Ali Baba's Cave

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Phantom Merchandise - Monkeys of Melbourne mugs

Monkeys also made coffee/tea mugs. These were mass manufactured, and complemented the trays as they used similar art work.

Phantom Merchandise - Monkeys of Melbourne trays

Three Phantom ash trays/trays from Monkeys of Melbourne.

This has a slight flaw it in made during the manufacturing process

I believe these were made to be used as ash trays but how could you stub your cigarette out on the Phantom? They're merely decorative for me.

Phantom Merchandise - Monkeys of Melbourne plates

Monkey's of Melbourne was a company who hand made and also mass manufactured comic and cartoon character collectibles. They were based in Fitzroy and were around (as far as I know) from about the mid eighties until the late nineties. Nowadays their products are in high demand with collectors, especially their diverse range of glasses, and their handmade porcelain and china products.

I have slowly accumulated some of their products, over the years.

This is a Phantom tray which is approximately 20cm wide, and shows the Phantom's fist, about to land a blow on a roughneck.

Made in 1990, handpainted. Monkeys were licensed to produce Phantom products, and they had a fantastic range. I am always on the lookout for more.

They pop up on Ebay all the time, the glasses go for astonishing amounts of money with glass collectors.

Phantom Merchandise - Phantom rings.

Purchased in 1996, when Phantom merchandise started to increase due to the impending release of the film starring Billy Zane and Kirsty Swanson. This are movie merchandise, not the ones released and advertised in Phantom comics.

They're both made of a heavy metal and the ring is not adjustable due to the thickness of the metal.