Wednesday, 9 May 2007

No 1177 - 3 Story Special!

3 stories published:

  1. The Secret of Sasquatch Valley
  2. Dig
  3. The Mater Spy

No 1176 - The Skull Cave Mystery

No 1175 - The Adventures of Lucy Cary

No 1174 - The Murderers From Moscow

No 1173 - The Ghostly Ruins

Phantom car - a Hot Rod!

A friend who owns a Hot Rod sent me these pix of a Hot Rod from New South Wales. Apparently called "The Phantom"! Awesome!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

No 1167 - Collectors Special!

Four stories published:

  1. Prince Rex - kidnapped
  2. The flirtatious Princess
  3. The great Ajax
  4. The Gibs Brothers - famous as the Gibs were the first to see the Phantom's eyes and die, like the old Jungle Saying says.

The Phantom water bottle

My partner actually made this one; we have a vinyl cutting machine and can cut anything or any shape into a sticker. I suggested he put the Phantom logo on my water bottle so I can have the Phantom with me at work.

Phantom movie merchandise - Trading Cards

Located on Ebay recently, one sealed box of trading cards from the 1996 movie, starring Billy Zane.

Phantom merchandise - money box

Found in a bargain store in Elsternwick, back in the early nineties, purchased for approximately $2. This profile shot of the Phantom was used on several items in the era, including vests, boxer shorts, ties, tshirts and other bits n pieces.